Fischland / Darss / Zingst

Outer Baltic coast of Fischland / Darß / Zingst with wonderful sandy beaches and inner waters as there are Saaler Bodden, Bodstedter Bodden, Barther Bodden - a varied sailing estuary. Cities Ribnitz-Damgarten, Barth, Dierhagen, Wustrow, Ahrenshoop, Prerow, Zingst and others. In the North and the West open sea, in the South and South-East inshore waters. Numerous berthing facilities along those waters but at the Baltic coast there is only the Emergency harbour Darßer Ort for the time being.

Location & Description

On of the most beautiful and nature preserved landscapes in central Europe invites you to stay. Calmness and composure mould the entire estuary which offers ideal conditions for water sports of many kinds. Once you’ve reached the waters nearby Hiddensee Island from the West you will enter the Gellenrinne towards Barhöft and from there on you can go further into the inshore waters behind the peninsula. Dense reeds and reed islands are typical for this landscape and signal extended shallow waters out of the tracks. 
The deepest places in the inshore waters are max 4 m deep. The waterways are buoyed properly (upper and lower lights). Professional charts and attentive navigation are though essential! All water crafts are obliged to keep the maximum speed below 10 knots (18,5 km/h).

There are numerous berthing facilities at the inshore waters starting from the largest harbour of the region in Barth to the city of Ribnitz-Damgarten and into the river Recknitz which marks the border between Mecklenburg and Western-Pomerania. 
On your way to these places you have to pass the Meiningen bridge between the Barther and the Bodstedter Bodden – please check for the official opening times of the bridge beforehand.Attractive in particular is the entire estuary at the time when the cranes are passing. Every spring and autumn up to 40.000 of these majestic birds are stopping by to fill up their batteries at the largest crane resting place of Europe.

Sports & Fun

The varied estuary offers almost unlimited opportunities for skippers but still puts them to the test every now and then. When cruising the estuary please navigate carefully, follow the buoyage and stay in the waterways. A trip at the coastline is only recommended to those skippers with experience since the only harbour to seek protection is the emergency harbour Darßer Ort. The more berthing facilities can be found in the harbours in Barth, Ribnitz-Damgarten and Zingst but also in many other smaller villages. Do never underestimate the inshore waters. Dangerous shoals, narrow waterways and tricky streams are not that rare. Therefore a safe engine should always be onboard. Detailed information about the opening times of the Meiningen bridge between Barth and Zingst are available at the harbour master of the Barther Yacht-Service. Probably one of the most beautiful experiences is a romantic trip with a s.c. Zeesboot – traditional wooden boats with characteristic brown sails. Attractive for surfers in particular is the Baltic coast of the peninsula. Several surf schools offer classes and equipment for this activity. You can paddle the estuary either in a contemplative or in a more adventurous way – just chose between the open sea, the inshore waters or the river Recknitz.

Countryside & Discoveries

The refreshing and sensual climate around Ahrenshoop promotes the existence of numerous galleries and exhibitions in this art village. The most known places to see are the “Bunte Stube” and the “Kunstkaten”. An example for a fishing village from the books is Wiek at the edge of the Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft. The information centre “Darßer Arche” with its multivision show makes even more curious of the secrets of this coastal paradise.

Located at the most narrow point of the peninsula is Wustrow with its colourful captain’s houses, the long pier and the cosy harbour. The city of Barth is most famous for the history of legendary city of Vineta. Every summer thousand of visitors see the city surface on a swimming stage in the harbour. Worth visiting is also the Vineta museum and the church Marien. The s.c. gold of the sea - amber - has made Ribnitz-Damgarten a famous place to visit. The German amber museum in the Klarissen monastery is even showing reconstructed parts of the legendary Amber Room. Landmark of the city is the church Marien and the Rostocker Tor. The open-air museum in Klockenhagen gives insight in the often hard life of the farmers and day labourer of old times.