Rügen Island

Germany's largest island with 926 km². The coast has many bays (called Bodden and Wiek) as well as prominent peninsulas and promontories. Numerous berthing facilities and offers for skippers.

Location & Description

Charming and many-sided estuary with well buoyed waterways and easy navigating in the large inshore coastal waters.

Northeast of Hiddensee Island one has to make an important decision: steering South you will come to the Hanseatic Town Stralsund passing through the “Schaproder Bodden”, turning East you can enter the inshore waters until the “Wieker Bodden” or to the “Jasmunder Bodden”, facing North you can start to go around Rugen Island. All these tours have their own charm but what they all have in common is that you must have up-to-date charts aboard and we advise you to get detailed information about the weather situation. At the Eastern coast of the “Wieker Bodden” one can enter the Marina Wiek.

Berthing facilities as the “Jasmunder Bodden” are in Breege and Ralswiek. At the outer coast of Rügen Island harbours can be found in Glowe, Lohme and Sassnitz. Further south you are passing the charming seaside resorts Binz, Sellin, Baabe and Göhren. Going round the peninsula “Mönchgut” you are entering the “Rügenscher Bodden” which berthing facilities in Thiessow, port Gager, Baabe and Seedorf as well as Lauterbach.Rügen Island is a must for kayaking fans who will find bases in Gager, Göhren and in the Marina Neuhof at the Strelasund.

The Strelasund is separating Rügen Island from the mainland. The waterway between the “Prohner Wiek” and “Greifswalder Bodden” is being intersected by the “Rügendamm” and the “Ziegelgrabenbrücke” – a bridge which opens at certain hours each day.

Sports & Fun

There is no other estuary in Germany which offers such variety and such terrific scenery as the waters around Rügen Island. Therefore the existence of a network of harbours and berthing facilities of such density between Stralsund and Kap Arkona, Greifswald and Hiddensee is no surprise at all. The open sea at the outer coastline of Rügen Island and Hiddensee is very demanding and demands high skills of every skipper. The inshore coastal waters on the other hand are mostly well-shielded and even the large “Greifswalder Bodden” is known to be less challenging in general. 

In order to avoid unnecessary waiting hours at the bridge in Stralsund please check before in the hanseatic town of Stralsund or at the Marina Neuhof. The bridge itself belongs to the “Rügendamm” and has a passing height of max 6 meters.

Unforgettable experiences are granted for those who explore the waters by kayak. The island is known to be a highlight for fans of this way of travelling. 

Worldwide renown is the estuary also among surfers. In the year 2008 the world championship of the formula-surfers took place near Dranske. No matter if with bathing cloths or not, if alone of with family and friends, everyone will find his own paradise at the endless beaches or the calm bays of Rügen Island.

Countryside & Discoveries

Pirates in sight! Every year Klaus Störtebecker and his “Vitalienbrüder” enter Ralswiek at the “Jasmunder Bodden” – very much to the delight of thousands of visitors. The Störtebecker festival performances conjure up a colossal spectacular on the beautiful open-air stage. Above the stage enthrones the feudal castle Ralswiek. Further manorial places to go to are the castle Spyker and the filigree hunting castle Granitz. The last mentioned has been built by Prince Wilhelm Malte of Putbus who was not only satisfied with this castle but also designed an entire residence city. Parts of this ensemble from the classicism era are a charming theatre and the admirable castle park.
At the village “Kloster” on Hiddensee Island one can find the Gerhard-Hauptmann-Museum which presents the heritage of the famous dramatist. Right at the side is the precious little island church which would in height only reach the belly button of its large sisters in Stralsund and Greifswald. These proud churches are the landmarks of these beautiful cities. You can believe your eyes because at these times you can experience the history of the past centuries vividly. The city of Stralsund was even honoured as UNESO World Heritage site. Another highlight of the city is the “Meereskundemuseum” which is with its Ozeaneum a declaration of love to the oceans.