Malmöns Marina

58° 34,8 N / 11° 34,0 E

Berth: 200

Malmöns Marina is located on the island of Bohus - Malmön. The unique field of Bohuslän archipelago is originally known for the excellent fishing areas and as home for Sweden's first granite workers. Today Bohus Malmön is famous for his contradictory nature. The harmony of rocks and the sea is very impressive. If you climb to the water tower on the island, you can see in the west to Kungshamn and sees in the south Lysekil.


The marina has a fully equipped service station with toilets and washing center, a gas station, winter storage facilities in a large heated hall, a first class restaurant and a fashion store called "Pelle P Store" where you will find high quality clothing. As an authorized dealer for Storebro, Nimbus and the Ferretti Group, the Malmöns Marina sells boats and offers complete yacht services (boatbuilding, engine service, electronic, painting yachts).


Service on the scene:

  • heated winter storage shed 
  • Yacht Service 
  • Waschcenter 
  • Maritime and leisure wear in Pelle P Store 
  • Electricity and water connection on the webs 
  • Restaurant "Malmöns Brygga" 
  • Café, bakery and restaurant in the nearby town center 
  • Beaches 
  • Glass and Design Gallery 
  • miniature golf

Service in the harbour:

  • Harbor Master 
  • Lift-/Krananlage 
  • Open gas station (24 
  • Sanitary